Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I got this in a Text, storys Like this let you know LOVE is Real.

There was a girl and a guy riding on a motorcycle:

Girl: Slow down im scared.
Boy: No. It's Fun.
Girl: No it's not, it's scary.
Boy: Then tell me you Love me.
Girl: Fine. I Love you.
Boy: Hold be Tight and you'll be Fine. *She Hugs Him*
Boy: Can you tkae my Helmet off and put it on yourself?
Girl: Ok. Now will you slow down?
Boy: I Love you more then Anything.
Girl: I Love you too but Please slow down.
Boy: I can't.

(In the news the next day)

A motorcycle has crashed into a building because of a brake failure. Two were on it but only one survived. The Truth is, midway down the road, he realized that his brakes went out but he didnt want her to panic. Instead, he told her that he Loved her and felt her embrace one last time. Then he had her wear his helmet so that she would survive even though it meant he would die.