Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Miles Monroe

Yesterday i went to a sermon by Dr. Miles Monroe and he spoke about Change.
(This word was so timely, only God sent it)

Well here are my exact notes that i took in my Blackberry... Hope you get something from it. Its easier to write what i jotted down rather than to try to explain what and how he said it.

Topic: It will always be in your Life.... Change....

Genesis 8:22

Keys to thriving in times of crises and change... (these words come together)

What do you do with sudden change?

Problems/Crisis's are all temporary. Everything will change...

You make Life History by waiting it out. (History as your own History)

Best way to deal with Life is to accept Seasons. GOD promised to send Blessings in Seasons, so it cant always be Good all the time. He promised Blessings just as he promised struggles. We cant just want the Blessings without the struggles.

Monroe: "Greatest Blessing in Life is that its Seasonal."

Ecclesiastes 3: To EVERYTHING there is a Season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. (To EVERYTHING..... To EVERYTHING.... To EVERYTHING.... there is a Season)

1. Seasons guarentees Change.
2. Seasons give Hope.
3. Nothing remains the same.
4. Seasons are always Temporary.
5. Key to Life is Out Lasting the Season.
6. Seasons give the incentive to plan for the future.

Crisis/Hurricanes dont come to destroy you but to expose you. Is your Faith Only in Good things?! (Good question huh)

You can always tell when you lazy, when GOD sends you a crisis. Your thinking is lazy and your creativeness is gone.

A crisis will cancel experience. When it comes, it will cancel all that you know so you can come up with things you never thought of before.

Never respond Permanently to a Temporary problem.

Dont get use to Anything, if something is Alive it will Change.

Four Types of Change:
1. Changes to Us...
2. Changes around us...
3. Changes within Us... (Spiritually and Physically)
4. Changes we make happen.

Four Types of People:
1. Those who Watch things happen.
2. Those who Let things happen.
3. Those who Ask what happend.
3. Those who Make things happen.

Solution to Changes... Expect Change... What you expect will never surprise you, manipulate you, or control you... Create Change... Manage Change... run, excercise, you will not look sexy forever... Beneift from Change... Accept Change... Embrace Change...

In the Bible GOD already told you that there will be some rough times... So dont get offended or discrouaged when those times come...


Whatever he takes from you was not the Best... What you lose was not a lost... it was a release.

You will always get Better, You go from GLORY to GLORY...

--GOD Bless--

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Originator

GOD is the Originator of ALL things.

The devil is the Imitator of ALL things.

The devil will take anything that is made from GOD and Twist it.

GOD is the ONLY one that can CREATE.