Tuesday, September 21, 2010

inspired by inspiring

So today i recieved a Text message from one of my close friends that read:

"Bruh just thinking about the past and how we met and been cool u r a good example of a friend bruh I know ur not perfect but i wanna live like u man real talk... I have some life changes I wana make"

My reply was Thank you but dont be like me, be better then me. I am with you in whatever you decide and here to help in n e way i can. (I was going to put dont be like me, i still have struggles, etc but he mentioned in his text that he knows im not perfect so i didnt... Im Glad he KNOWS im not! Lol)

He told me i havent changed in years he's known me and that im still all about my Family and Friends...

Its Cool that he says that, what can be more important? Like really...

But Thanks Bruh for letting me know that... U might think i inspire you but you inspire me... Love you dude...

- Maybe im doing something right after all

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