Thursday, August 6, 2009

My own Corinthians

Me and my girl friend had a long talk one day while i was taking her home to her house. It was a good conversation, i did moslty listening though. i dropped her off and i went home. A few hours later she texted me and said that she told her brother and sister that she Loves them. i told her "Cool!, I Love you Babe" this was going to be the first time i was going to say these words to her. i paused...... Then i heard Jesus say Faith, then i thought to myself, say it so it will come to past, then i thought, say it so you can hold yourself accountable. So i pressed the send button. Then i got a =) and =* reply. A few hours later she calls and says hey can you check the calendar. On May 5th she wrote in her journal that she hopes that i start Loving her in 57 days, 57 days would of been in July which she thought was too soon for me and decided to add about 30 days to it. This is when she came up with 82 days. The day i said "I Love You" to my girlfriend was July 26, 2009. Exactly 82 days from May 5th journal entry.

We all have the power to speak death and life with our tongue, we have the power to declare wealth or whatever it is that we want over our lives. In this instance it was Love.

- More than coincidence?

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