Friday, August 14, 2009

Matthew 10:16

A letter was sent for my mom from some church that she doesnt even attend, it wasnt real mail so i opened and read it and it had this in it and i felt like it could help someone including myself when things arent going the way we want them to go... Stay strong, the end will be worth it!

GOD does not accept His servants to demonstrate a weak mind, with an intent to fail, and to be fearful of hard work. Danger and hardship are a part of life for those who follow GOD's way. Those who think that by following GOD, He will make the road easy, He will trim all the thorns, He will run the enemy away, they will be sadly mistaken. Those who dream that by following GOD they will inherit many benefits such as luxury and leisure in life, always have servants and receive respect, they are also wrong. We are told to "go out into the world like sheep among wolves" - Matthew 10:16

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