Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My own Genesis

The beginning of my journey begins at age 23. Everything around me at the time was pointing towards JESUS. My best friend back home just rededicated his life to the Lord. My new roommate of which i just moved in with in January of 2007 was raised in a church and bought me my first Bible. One of my coworkers where i spend about 8 hours with Monday thourgh Friday turns out to be a youth pastor. Little did he know how i use to watch his actions and i can honestly say he never got rude or hasty towards a customer, displaying the Patience in him. Lastly, the person that i spoke to most just dedicated her life to JESUS also. Now more then ever JESUS was everywhere for me, at home, at work and even in my free time. I got baptised on April 26th, 2007 at age 23. The number 23 in the bible means death or extinction, at age 23 the old me died and the new me was born.

- More than coincidence?

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