Thursday, August 13, 2009

My own Light

As Christians people are watching you whether you like it or not and at a closer radar. As soon as you do something wrong, they will say "Ha, look at what your doing and your suppose to be a Christian" so therefore I cannot do all the things i use to do. (Which is cool -but i will fall short of perfection by a lonnnnnnngggg shot-) So I was wondering, will i lose some friends because of this?

So I decided to text one of my friends about it and he said to me "Once Light shines into darkness it becomes Light, People (Friends, Family, Strangers) have no choice but to see my Light now, either they will see it or they wont and the ones that cant see it will fade away because the things we once had in common wont be there anymore." This all made so much sense. He couldnt of gave a better metaphor then that. Luckly for me this is one of the friends that see and seeks the same Light that i am looking at.

- im ready to lose some friends

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