Monday, August 10, 2009

My own Wisdom

Last week my friend texted me about a situation about a girl that he hasnt heard from her in 3 years and out of nowhere texts him and asked him to call her. So i call him and we begin to talk about JESUS, not even talking about the girl yet... He tells me that one day he got up really early and went out to his old middle school track and started running, as he was running it started to rain a little bit and the sun started to seep through the clouds. At that moment he experienced his first break through, GOD was saying hello, this was the first time he had seen him, he fell to his knees and just wept in the presence of his Creator. Thanking him for his mercy and grace... I was so happy for him, the image that he described was out of a movie, things like that only happen in movies right? Not this time, this one was real...

Well after that we begin to talk discuss the sitation about the girl. In his text he told me that he still Loves the girl even after 3 years of no contact. But that was the problem, he loves her more then he loves JESUS, she was his GOD. One cannot truely know how to love until they love JESUS first and most.

Take this how you want but if you want love, lack love, cant find love, recieved love in the wrong places, LOVE JESUS first before you Love anyone else and everything else will fall into place.

- Love JESUS

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